BADEN-POWELL Olave (Chesterfield 1889 - Bramley 1977) Visualizza ingrandito

BADEN-POWELL Olave (Chesterfield 1889 - Bramley 1977)

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Carteggio composto da quattro lettere datt. con firma autografa e un ciclostilato dell’educatrice inglese (moglie di Robert Baden-Powell) e capo del movimento mondiale delle Guide. Le missive sono dirette a Miss Bingham e riguardano il World Thinking Day, l’associazione mondiale delle guide ed esploratrici. East Molesey, Surrey February 28th 1957, April 6th 1957, April 23 rd 1957. “Thank you very much for your letter, and for sending the ten franc note for our World Fund. It is very good of you to send this gift, and it will be greatly appreciated by the Fund Raisers, and I value your generosity too so much. I do feel for you so much in losing your precious possessions, which are of course irreplaceable, and your letter has made me re-conseder about trying to let you have one of my Beloved Man’s signatures…”. Nel documento datato February 26th 1957, Olave esprime i ringraziamenti per i numerosi messaggi ricevuti dagli scout e dalle guide. “On my last day there, the Scouts and Guides first celebrations began, and I shared with them the Thanksgiving Service and the unveiling of a Memorial Tablet in Nairobi Cathedral, reminding me vividly of the four last happy years of my husband’s life wich we spent togheter in the Africa that he loved so well…

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